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/ about exhale

exhale is a conceptual fashion brand that integrates art, storytelling and mindfulness with comfort clothing


exhale is a clothing brand that offers comfort clothing, quality art and freedom of expression. We want our clothes to feel like second skin – so you can exist and rise just as you are. No pretense, no apologies, and no compromise. exhale is for the rebellious dreamers, creators, doers, believers.

We always use natural, hand-picked materials and collaborative art, sustainable and holistic production methods. We believe in fair trade, and clean artistic designs that express a deep sense of meaning; physically, mentally and emotionally.

exhale is all about a simple core message: we are all the same in the fact that we are all secretly in pain. So collaborate, create and inspire.


/ story of exhale

loss has inspired me to create something to live for



Sometimes the most meaningful creations come out of the darkest moments in life. Pain is a teacher, and the lesson can be life-changing.

Amidst a raging storm, my entire being calmed down. The storm had shown me that there is something bigger than my pain and it helped me remember that despite death or loss and despite our worldly troubles there is still something bigger out there that can rage louder.

The universe helped me deal with my anxious mourning thoughts and drew a bigger picture, as if to say “you are not alone." When the night passed and the sun rose, my inner belief system rose along with it. Regardless of the grieving and the inner pain I realized one thing; together with the storm, I inhaled and I exhaled countless times and I got through my internal storm. I had silenced my anxious thoughts, livid shivers and physical pain by believing in the art of breathing and just being, by believing that the universe is with me and I am not alone despite the hardships.

nawal el masri

founder / director