Call me crazy but I finally went on a technological break for 7 days when I smashed my iPhone subconsciously and consciously on purpose.

The attachment i had to my emails and work never allowed me to free myself from this leech of a machine.
So i had to smash it. I went on a technological break for 7 days and it was ironically liberating. 

Something that is suppose to connect you to the world, make you feel inclusive, is the same thing that in its absence allows you to feel free and alive.
In its absence you have the time, space and freedom to think, create, spend time with those who love you and those you love without a single distraction
or thought flowing about this little device.Yet while freedom befalls you and the present moment wraps you in its arms you suddenly feel the exclusion when everyone around you falls in its vortex.

It was an odd journey. When I broke it into a million and one pieces I was ecstatic.  
I felt free. Finally, free from this machine that is controlling the most powerful thing on this earth my precious brain.
Yes I often times can be an extremist. I had to smash it into pieces to let it go and free myself.

The journey began, no notifications, nothing tagged along with me wherever I go like a fucking leech, no offense to leeches.
No attachments, just get dressed and leave. No attachments, just wake up and breathe. No attachments. Just me. Myself and I.
If you have found freedom in yourself you will understand what I mean when I say that the device feels like a mandatory leech hanging on your skin wherever you turn and go.

On the third or fourth day I felt it. The people around me holding their phones and their faces and attention smashed into it in times of stillness, in times of quiet, in times we could have taken a moment to self reflect and connect some more, the human has allowed this machine to cut it short. I started seeing how we, humans have abused it and made it unhealthy, and all the while I started missing it, I wanted research and articles to be at my fingertips, I wanted music to be at my fingertips, I wanted google maps to tell me where to go although my intuition and memory were doing amazing without it and even more so needed this cleanse. We depend so much on the machine that we doubt our inner divine given gift. Intuition, memory, curiosity, focus, attention, self-healing. Instead of using the machine to empower those elements of the human divinity, we have replaced them and depended on the machine to tell us. This is where we are going wrong.

We need to wake up and understand that what is in-front of us is merely a tool to make your inner gift even more powerful. More than any decade or time, today, humanity is most doubtful of itself. It needs a machine, that was created by the very same flesh you hold, to tell it what to do when it should be the other way around. Wake up, don't allow the machines to take over and make you lazy. Powerless. Use them. They are your tools. They are a gift to humanity to grow mentally, physically, spiritually.

I went on without my device for seven days. No communication, no notifications, no disturbances, no waking up checking my phone which is damaging to our brain as right when you wake up is when your subconscious mind is most active. When you first awake, your brain operates at around 10.5 waves per second. The range from eight to 13 Hz, or cycles per second, is the alpha stage. It's been called the gateway to the subconscious mind. When we fill this stage with notifications, emails, what other people are doing on their stories, who posted what and who is dating who this is the tone we have set for the rest of the day. A bunch of useless, anxious filled, comparison filled thoughts and information that will not help our day into productivity. Which defeats the purpose of the creation of this device. To compliment your human journey not take over. Not dictate. Not guide you. Because you, the human have all it takes to do that all on your own with your own internal senses and guide. Use the device as a complimenting factor. Create boundaries. Build the space between you and the machine. Control it. Limit it. Use it consciously. Don’t numb yourself with it. The brain is fragile. It grows into what you feed it. Literally speaking. Your brain will grow a shit show if you keep feeding it a shit show of information. You brain is the most powerful thing on this planet and technology and science is doing its best to reach its capacity & function.

So how silly are you human to replace the very thing that has been studied and used to implement and create these machines?
Do you not see how the creation of this very thing in your hand is designed by studying the human brain to trigger it?
Do you not see how powerful your brain is that it is being studied to be used against you. The VERY thing you OWN inside of you is being used against you. When our words and secrets are used against us we go insane and disconnect and cut out anyone who does such acts yet you are not deciding on how you want to react when it comes to the machine that is numbing the very thing that lives inside you?

Take control of what you own.
Love the part of you that you hate before someone comes along and realizes this weakness, to use this weakness against you.
Don't demean your brain. Don't demean its function, and don't demean what you are feeding it.
From knowledge to food to liquid to activity to perspective, it all shapes the powerful organ.

Understand that everything outside of you, is and will forever be a TOOL for you, human. Never is it the guiding factor.
No other human or object can ever over power the magic you hold inside you. Lead the way. Believe in you and watch how you will play a role
in the growth of the very purpose we are all here on this precious green soulful earth.

Much love,
Nawal El Masri 

image captured by @shotbyfarran